Jörg Wisser Familien-KG

Company number
Freiburg HRA 700547
Calculated by Scoriff
Registered office address
Waldstraße 7, 78087 Mönchweiler., Baden-Württemberg
Company status
Company type
Private Limited Company
Incorporated on
05 April 2007
Does Jörg Wisser Familien-KG owe money?

Debts and late payments

No late payments have been reported to Scoriff by creditors of Jörg Wisser Familien-KG. Furthermore, we have not monitored any suspicious activity affecting trade credit risk of Jörg Wisser Familien-KG or related companies. However, if Jörg Wisser Familien-KG is late with payments, report it here and we trigger alerts to notify affected creditors.

Jörg Wisser Familien-KG (company number Freiburg HRA 700547) is an active company from Mönchweiler. This is a mature company, which was incorporated in 2007 and competes with other businesses . The company has low credit risk, which is below industrial average.

The company is registered at Waldstraße 7, Mönchweiler, 78087, Baden-Württemberg .

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The only person with significant control at Jörg Wisser Familien-KG is currently Jörg Wissler. Jörg Wissler has right to appoint and remove directors.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Jörg Wisser Familien-KG

Question: Is Jörg Wisser Familien-KG a real company?
Answer: Yes, Jörg Wisser Familien-KG is a real company.

Question: Is Jörg Wisser Familien-KG an active company?
Answer: Yes, Jörg Wisser Familien-KG is an active company.

Question: What is registration address of Jörg Wisser Familien-KG?
Answer: Registered office address of Jörg Wisser Familien-KG is Waldstraße 7, 78087 Mönchweiler., Baden-Württemberg.

Question: Who have significant control over Jörg Wisser Familien-KG?
Answer: Jörg Wissler has significant control over Jörg Wisser Familien-KG.

Question: What is Jörg Wisser Familien-KG's industry?
Answer: Jörg Wisser Familien-KG is in the industry of .